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In case anyone missed me, I’ve relocated to a new account.


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—out; Shhh come talk to me on any blog!

…*quietly does the thing, then*

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—out; Me?

Yessss I follow you on a couple other accounts and just go “how do I talk to you” which I do on here too but at least I have canonical excuse to talk to you herrrre…

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lonesavior liked your post:I always want to bother people on one of my oth

*whispers* You’re one of themmmm.

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I always want to bother people on one of my other accounts but then I turn shy. Even if it’s someone I talk to all the time.


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well, that was strange and spontaneous.

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all good things to those who wait »

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B E A S T »

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i want to make them bow »

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